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I am Edwina Columbia (Eddie to my friends)


Born in Braddock, Pennsylvania, raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Edwina (Eddie) Columbia, the youngest of three girls, now lives with her husband and #1 fan, in a suburb not far from her old stomping grounds. Blessed (or cursed, depending on your point of view) with an over active amount of creativity and imagination, and stereotypical “baby of the family,” Eddie tested every boundary that appeared on the horizon. Affectionately labeled “little jowbelwick” (Polish for little devil) by her mom, she plowed through life with an enthusiasm and carefree spirit that she’s sure turned her parents gray way before their time. 

Cursed with the need to know and easily bored, with a lust for new and exciting experiences, Eddie zipped through her childhood like a hummingbird on a caffeine rush, which continued into adulthood as evidence by her diverse career history -- 

Eddie’s quest for new and exciting experiences spilled over into her career choices, from working on a military post, in a factory, medical transcriber, business owner, construction, and finally settling into an Administrative Assistant position to the Director of Cardiovascular Imaging at the number one rated Heart Center in the United States.

But as diverse and interesting as her present job is, it still didn’t fill the need to create.

Gluttonous romance reader since her mid-20’s, it wasn’t a far stretch for Eddie to turn her love for reading into a love for writing.

One of her fondest childhood memories is trudging to the local library on a cold winter’s day, bundled in snow suit, woolen gloves, scarf, and little red rubber boots, spending hours picking out her three books and coming home to curl up next to the heat register with Dr. Seuss.

A rule breaker from an early age, in a generation when boys were boys and girls were girly girls, Eddie broke through those ranks by being the first girl on her block to have a pair of cowboy guns, working her way up to her very own baseball glove a few years later. And when other little girls were playing with dolls, Eddie was busy putting plastic monster models together, playing with little green plastic soldiers and flipping baseball cards with the boys. 

Somewhere along the line, the word, “can’t” seemed to have gotten left out of her dictionary. An edition she passed on to her now grown son and daughter and has every intention of passing along to any grandchildren that might crop up in the future.

An in-your-face romance reader and writer, Eddie has no qualms about telling anyone who will listen what she reads or writes. Unwilling to be judged by anyone else’s standards, she believes that God gave us all talents, he just didn’t give us all the same one, and whatever it is you do well, you should be proud of.

It wasn’t until she started writing that Eddie finally found the perfect outlet to pour all her creativity, imagination, and lust for life into.

A romance writer for the past five years, Eddie is a member of the Romance Writers of America, Northeast Ohio Romance Writers Local Chapter where she held the Treasurer's position for three years and is currently the Member Liaison. Very active in her local writing chapter’s activities and ever ready to lend a helping hand, she has organized or assisted in writer’s retreats, local conferences, field trips and has been a liaison for visiting authors.

A multi-contest finalist Eddie likes to write about strong, sassy, independent women and the strong, indulgent men who love them.


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