Mistress in Training
Edwina Columbia


I am delighted to be one of the romance authors selected for Premium Press America’s new Romance Program. Premium Press America, (PPA), based in Nashville, Tennessee has published non-fiction, inspirational, and gift books for the past 10 years and is now adding romance to their list. The company is well-known for its marketing and promotional strategies and I can’t tell you what an exciting opportunity this is for me.

Read an Excerpt of the book:
“Brandon placed his mouth to the sensitive area below her ear and sucked gently. Moving lower, he laid a trail of tiny nips, soothing each with a caress of his tongue, working down to the tops of her soft, fragrant breasts. When he reached the edge of her gown she tensed. He foraged on, slipping his tongue beneath the fabric. When Julia expelled a soft whimper, Brandon raised his head and basked in the wonder evident in her eyes.”

Below is a list of locations where Mistress in Training will be available: